We’re a Brooklyn-based digital marketing & interactive studio.
Thinknerve is the conduit between a successful campaign and its fully-engaged audience. By embracing every facet of digital marketing, we’ve created a monster. An ingenious monster — for hire.


We love technology. For the past 17 years, we’ve embraced the changes and advancements that allow us to deliver breakthrough solutions for our clients. We are a creative shop of innovative, code-junkie, volume-cranking whiskey drinkers, who are detail-focused pros in the marketing world. We aren’t an agency; we’re not even close. We do, however, provide agency-sized results: one of the many reasons we can help you reach the top of your game. And who doesn’t like to be on top?
UX/UI Frontend Design & Development
Mobile Design & App Development
Backend & Database Development
Game Design & Development
Strategy, Analytics & Social Media
Branding & Identity